Warm Pet Jumper

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Cute and comfy. These cotton blend jumpers are super soft and warm. Easy button on makes it super accessible. Perfect for the coming season!

Size(S,back,neck,chest):7.87"/20 cm,8.66"/22 cm,11.81"/30 cm

Size(M,back,neck,chest):9.84"/25 cm,9.45"/24 cm,13.78"/35 cm

Size(L,back,neck,chest):11.81"/30 cm,10.63"/27 cm,15.75"/40 cm

Size(XL,back,neck,chest):13.78"/35 cm,11.81"/30 cm,17.72"/45 cm

Size(XXL,back,neck,chest):15.75"/40 cm,12.60"/32 cm, 19.69"/50 cm






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