Pet Selfie Stick

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Has Your Pet's Selfie Game Been slacking?

📸 It's always so hard to get your furry friend to pose for the perfect picture, ain't it? Whether those cute eyes go a wandering or the tilt of their fluffy little face is off, us humans know angles & lighting are the two most important factors that make up the perfect selfie 📸

With that being said, we've got the perfect solution to grabbing your pet's attention, holding it, and capturing that one in a million shot ...

  • Smartphone attachable; compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel & most other mobile devices. Just pop it on and your're ready to go!
  • Pawed clasp holds small to medium-sized treats/toys steadily in place.
  • Can be used to grab your pet's attention in training exercises.
  • Flexible arm allows for the ultimate versatility.
  • Best of all, it's the purrfect selfie maker!

Simply place your pet's favorite treat or toy to the pawed clasp at the end of flexible arm and Ta-Da! You've successfully captured your furry friend's undivided attention.