Pet Fur Lint Hair Catcher

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Are you tired of having fur hairs from your adorable pets on your clothes? We introduce you the Pet Fur Hair Catcher.

We know that your pets are part of the family, so this exclusive catcher it's essential in your home to facilitate the washing of your clothes and your family.

Our Pet Fur Hair Catcher removes hair from your clothes while washing and drying. It works in both the washer and dryer. It is safe for all clothes and for kids, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, reusable, easy and self-cleaning!


  • Used in both washing machine and tumble dryer. The movement of the washer and dryer helps it stick to the silicone as it rolls.
  • It is made of a very soft and sticky material that can grip dog or cat hairs and remove them from clothing.
  • The product helps remove hair, skin, leather, wool and other dirt from clothes, bedding, jackets, dresses, blankets, sheets and everything that is washed and dried.
  • It is reusable and has a long service life.
  • Avoid re-washing clothes several times: saves detergent, water and time.


Material: Silicone
Color: Yellow and Green 
Whole Size Approx: 10x10x1.5cm / 3.4x3.4x0.6in


1 or 2 x Pet Fur Hair Catcher


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