Dog Seatbelt + free harness

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      Image result for paw bullet point Your Dog Feels Secure: Our unique “No Tangle” seat belt design incorporates strong fabric to keep your pooch in place. The 360-degree aluminium alloy swivel clasp lets your dog lay, sit or stand, so they can choose a comfortable position.

      Image result for paw bullet point Distraction-Free Driving: Let’s face it, dogs get CRAZY when a car ride is in store! All that jumping around, tail wagging and back-seat freedom are distracting for drivers, not to mention incredibly dangerous. Now, you can enjoy zero stress when cruising scenic routes with your furry best bud.

      Image result for paw bullet point Reduces Injury Risk: Even the smallest fender bender can cause an unrestrained pup to go flying from the backseat and into the car dashboard. It’s enough to render a serious injury or even traumatize your pup (and you!). Auto safety testing has shown that seatbelts significantly reduced canine-related injuries. Securing your pooch will keep both you and them safe in the car. 

      Image result for paw bullet point Easy To Use: One of the defining features that set PawBelt™ apart from the competition is how easy it is to use. You don’t have to overthink sizing, because one size fits all. That’s right- we tested our unique adjustable strap system on hundreds of dog breeds, sizes, and ages.

      Image result for paw bullet point Fits In Any Vehicle: Not only is sizing flexible for dogs, but the PawSafe Dog Seat Belt was designed with a universal buckle in order to fit any car make and model. Front seat, back seat- it doesn’t matter! Just clip our seat belt to your dog’s harness and click the buckle into your car’s seat belt- it’s really that simple.

      Image result for paw bullet point Affordable For Everyone: Usually, you can’t put a price on safety. But our team at PawSafe guarantees a high quality, secure and comfortable seatbelt at a very reasonable price.  Our company is dedicated to providing dog products that make a difference and that starts with spreading awareness with products that every pet owner can afford. 

      Image result for paw bullet point Specifications: Brand New. Adjustable length - about 42cm - 68cm (16.5" - 27") made with super durable treated nylon fabric (pet safe material). 

        HOW TO USE:

      • We recommend always using the PawBelt™ with a harness to minimize the strain put on a dog's neck in the event of an emergency stop or car accident
      • Currently, 1 in 3 drivers who have a dog in the car at the time say that they have been seriously distracted and nearly had a crash as a result