Dental Dog Toy

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80% of dogs suffer from dental disease at least once in their lives. 

What's worse is that you probably won't even find out since the pain builds up gradually over time. Dog dental treatments aren't cheap either, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars. barkbrush is here to take your worries away and help your pup find its smile again! 

Dog toothbrush. As a toy.

We know it's super difficult to clean our dog's teeth without being scratched or hurting them. That's why barkbrush comes as a colourful dog toothbrush toy that will excite your dog for sure! The rubber nubs and nodes eliminate all bacteria, plaque and tartar as your dog chews on it, giving your dog perfect dental health!




Size(S):8.3*11.7*3.8 cm/ 3.28"*4.64"*1.5"
Weight(S):80 g
Size(M):10*14.5*4.8 cm/ 4.03"*5.71"*1.9"
Weight(M):149 g
Size(L): 12.8*18.1*5.8 cm/ 5.04"*7.14"*2.3"
Weight(L):280 g



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